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Auditing Consultancy

In auditing financial statements of our clients, we provide the service under PWA Associate Chartered Accountants and in complying with PWA Audit Methodology (PAM) as it is our partnership framework and guidelines of SLAuS which comply with the requirements of local and international auditing standards.

Audit services have assumed greater importance in the recent years. Emphasis is now being laid on, Serving clients to integrate their financial and management objectives to harmonize with the overall business goals such as operation of better performance management systems, Competitive advantage, risk mitigation, benefits of lower capital utilization. In order to achieve the lofty ideas enumerated above, audit techniques to be adopted should be of the highest standards.

Audit of Financial Statements

Reporting on factual findings based on agreed upon audit procedures.

Review of financial statements

Compilation of financial statements

Examination of prospective financial information

Special purpose audit engagements

Assisting in complying with Sri Lanka Accounting Standards


Internal Audit is involved in helping organization achieve their objectives. It is concerned with evaluating & improving the effectiveness of risk management, control & governance processes in an organization.

While Our Internal Audit division performs the internal audit to achieve these objectives they also continuously look to add value and improve the client’s operation.